$5 for Jeans Day!

by Finnin Kia
9/26/2018 - Dubuque, IA
Finnin employees will have the opportunity to wear jeans to work on “Friday Jeans Days” now through the end of the year. How it works: Employees wishing to go casual for a cause will pay $5 each Friday for the privilege of wearing their favorite pair of denim jeans all day long. Every dollar they donate will be collected and given to a local charity to assist families in need.

Back to School

by Finnin Kia
8/22/2018 - Dubuque, IA
August is here and for Iowa students, that means it’s time to head back to school. We at Finnin Ford know that the back to school rush can be an exciting yet stressful time for parents, teachers and students alike. However, there are a few ways to eliminate that stress factor, and help with the transition.

Meet Curtis Edler

by Finnin Kia
7/23/2018 - Dubuque, IA
In this month’s featured blog post, we wanted to take a moment to highlight one of our fantastic Finnin team members! Meet Curtis Edler, our newest Sales Manager.

Father’s Day

by Finnin Kia
6/13/2018 - Dubuque, IA
Akin to other special holidays such as Mother’s Day and Grandparents Day, Father’s Day recognizes the significant impact of fatherhood on families and communities.

Memorial Day - We Salute

by Finnin Kia
5/24/2018 - Dubuque, IA
The Memorial Day holiday is fast approaching and we’d like to take this time to honor the fallen soldiers and military personnel who have bravely served and protected our country.

Meet Doug, our newest Sales Consultant

by Finnin Kia
4/16/2018 - Dubuque, IA
In this month’s featured blog post, we wanted to take a moment to highlight one of our fantastic Finnin team members! Meet Doug, our newest Sales Consultant. We sat down and asked Doug a few questions about his personal and professional experiences, what led him into sales, and also challenged him with a “Why Finnin?” query – take a peek at what he had to say . . .

Women of Finnin

by Finnin Kia
3/14/2018 - Dubuque, IA
Our mission at Finnin Ford and Finnin Kia is to create a positive and encouraging car buying experience for each and every customer we serve. At Finnin Ford and Finnin Kia, we’re proud of our stellar team of women – powerful, ambitious, knowledgeable and professional.

Fall in Love with Your Ford

by Finnin Kia
2/19/2018 - Dubuque, IA
February often invokes thoughts of Valentine’s Day, cards, gifts, candy, and most importantly, falling in love. Finnin Ford wants you to fall in love… with your Ford. Ford’s full lineup of vehicles offers something for everyone.

Welcoming 2018

by Finnin Kia
1/18/2018 - Dubuque, IA
Here at Finnin Ford, we have a few goals of our own. This coming year, we hope to engage with our local communities in a bigger and better way.

Winnin’ with Finnin

by Finnin Kia
12/18/2017 - Dubuque, IA
In 2018, we want to take our philanthropy to the next level. Finnin Ford along with Finnin Kia will be working alongside local charities to directly help those in need. These gestures of kindness and service will be called "Winnin' with Finnin," and we look forward to sharing them with you.