Father’s Day

by Finnin Kia
6/13/2018 - Dubuque, IA

This Sunday, June 17th, is Father’s Day, a day we in the U.S. set aside to celebrate and honor fatherhood.  What some say began in the early 1900’s as a daughter’s wish to honor her dedicated and hardworking father of six has over time evolved to honor all fathers and father-figures, finally achieving Federal holiday status by proclamation of Richard Nixon in 1972.  Other reports credit Grace Golden Clayton of West Virginia for first proposing a day to honor the 361 men and fathers lost in a fatal mine explosion in 1908.   Regardless of its precise origins, the universal sentiment has always held steadfast: fatherhood is both precious and cherished, and families and communities across the world continue to set aside time to celebrate the powerful influence of fathers in society.

Akin to other special holidays such as Mother’s Day and Grandparents Day, Father’s Day recognizes the significant impact of fatherhood on families and communities.  Paternal bonds help to mold children into the individuals they will become, and the examples set forth help to guide children into adulthood.  For instance, your dad, step-dad, uncle, or granddad may have been the first one to teach you how to ride a bike or drive your first car.  They may have taught you that special technique for flipping pancakes, or how to string up the holiday lights just right.   The important things, both big and small, shared with us by the father-figures in our lives are what we choose to celebrate each Father’s Day.  Being a family owned and operated business, Finnin Ford knows the far-reaching impact of fatherhood is both important and unique.  Finnin Ford celebrates you, Fathers, and wishes you a safe and happy Father’s Day weekend!  



by Finnin Kia
10/19/2018 - Dubuque, IA
October is here which means it’s time for Trunk-or-Treat! sponsored by Finnin Kia & Finnin Ford. Join us Tuesday, October 30th from 5:30-7:30 PM for a safe, friendly, AND CLIMATE controlled environment for our Tri-State Trick-or-Treaters.

$5 for Jeans Day!

by Finnin Kia
9/26/2018 - Dubuque, IA
Finnin employees will have the opportunity to wear jeans to work on “Friday Jeans Days” now through the end of the year. How it works: Employees wishing to go casual for a cause will pay $5 each Friday for the privilege of wearing their favorite pair of denim jeans all day long. Every dollar they donate will be collected and given to a local charity to assist families in need.

Back to School

by Finnin Kia
8/22/2018 - Dubuque, IA
August is here and for Iowa students, that means it’s time to head back to school. We at Finnin Ford know that the back to school rush can be an exciting yet stressful time for parents, teachers and students alike. However, there are a few ways to eliminate that stress factor, and help with the transition.